When hovering over an active tab on an election page, the tab background becomes white:

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  • @CaiusJard No, it shouldn't. That was already suggested here once, in now-deleted comments. If you'll notice, the very first bolded line of that question says: "With the full launch of Dark Mode on 17 June 2020, we've shut down this post as a way to get feedback and bug reports." – Cody Gray Jun 27 at 6:58
  • Ok. Why not delete that feedback thread then? – Caius Jard Jun 27 at 8:57
  • Because it contains useful information. What would be the point in deleting it? (I decided to go ahead and apply a historical lock. That's not a perfect fit, but I think it works here. It still allows a dev like Aaron to edit if he needs to. Hopefully no one else needs to edit posts there.) – Cody Gray Jun 27 at 11:00

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