I edited and clarified my question:

What's triggering the browser to scroll to the top of the page?

Can it please be evaluated for being re-opened? I'm not sure what else I need to say here.

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    Please research How to Ask, the help center including minimal reproducible example, meta.SO questions & follow comments & the closing message & tell us where you think your question succeeds & fails. Don't ask us to do that. – philipxy Jun 26 at 4:34
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    It sounds like you're suggesting that I have some hidden moderator capability to reopen my own question. – mauricev Jun 26 at 4:36
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    Why? I have mentioned public documentation about using the site. Please edit your post to reflect your research. (See my edited last comment.) PS googling with site:meta.stackoverflow.com is more effective than the SO/SE search facility. – philipxy Jun 26 at 4:38
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    Since user with gold tag in JavaScript said it is duplicate (and indeed it looks like one, even if you don't want to show HTML part of MRE) there is no need to reopen the linked question. Realistically the best outcome would be the question stays at 0 votes... Since you put a lot of attention to that post by asking on meta you may actually work on getting the question in shape to achieve just that... – Alexei Levenkov Jun 26 at 6:49
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    You've already received an answer that you've confirmed resolves your problem. In all honesty, I don't see why it needs be be reopened. – F1Krazy Jun 26 at 8:40
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    Related. We still can't reproduce the issue with the included code. If you're afraid of the question ban, it doesn't seem to be even close, depending on how many questions you've removed, though (a moderator could shed some light on this, if you want to know). As a general tip, don't post "declarations" like the first paragraph in the original question, those are like an invitation to a free dinner, and what's more fun ... – Teemu Jun 26 at 10:38
  • I think I am somewhat confused what it means for a question to be closed. I simply assumed that no one could see it, let alone comment on it, but this is not the case. The question was answered. I learned a big chunk of HTML and I've edited the question to include the error itself as Alexei suggested, so other users can learn from it. – mauricev Jun 26 at 14:02

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