This is very similar to the problem reported here, but this one occurred to me a few moments ago.

The answer flagged as "low quality" was only composed by the three rows in the pink background area - but, frankly, even if I had seen that it had been flagged as spam, or seen the nine downvotes, I would still have voted 'Looks OK' (attributing the downvotes to the lack of attribution - but those aren't grounds to delete an answer. Or are they?).

The answer is lifted word for word from a vbulletin forum, true. But do we not frown on link-only answers? I briefly debated whether to edit the answer and add the attribution with the link (I imagine that would have had me fail the audit, too). In the end I did not; there was already the comment, and even if I did wonder about the "spam added" in the comment, I saw no spam.

It seems clear to me that the answer as presented in the review audit was neither abusive, noisy, or spam. It actually was an answer, and a workable one, at that.

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    Are you trying to claim that because we do not allow link-only answers, we must allow plagiarism? I vehemently disagree with that. Are you further claiming that it should not be your responsibility as a reviewer to look out for plagiarism? I also disagree with that. Either way, this is not a "bug" in the review queues. To answer your specific question, yes, lack of attribution is more than sufficient grounds to delete an answer. It's often also grounds to sanction the user who posted the answer. We take attribution very seriously here; it's part of the license, not to mention ethics. – Cody Gray Jun 26 at 0:02
  • @CodyGray absolutely not! I am sorry if I came off that way, and thanks for your time. But, yes, I was not aware of the deletion "rule" (sorry, I lack the appropriate word - as you may have surmised, English is not my mother language) that you stated. Be assured that I shall take that into account. One further question if I may: should I come across another such answer, is it appropriate to add attribution, or do I ( flag+downvote | delete, if reviewing) the answer straight away? – LSerni Jun 26 at 6:26
  • @CodyGray also, thanks for the link to the duplicate answer. I had not thought of looking for "plagiarism", but the answers to the other questions are very helpful. Final question: do you feel it is useless to keep my question here (so I take it down), or might it be useful should someone else make the same overlook I made (and I keep it here to "catch" queries for "possible audit bug")? – LSerni Jun 26 at 6:31
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    Plagiarized posts should be flagged for moderator intervention. Use the "requires moderator intervention" option, the one that lets you type in arbitrary text. Provide us with a link to the original source (i.e., where it was copied from). We'll handle it from there, deciding whether it makes sense to reach out to the user and add in the attribution, or just delete the answer straightaway. Regarding this question: don't feel obligated to delete it. If it isn't useful, it will be removed in due time by myself, a script, or other users. – Cody Gray Jun 26 at 6:32