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I have 2 accounts, one that I can't ask questions anymore because it was when I was learning how to use Stackoverflow and therefore I asked some duplicated and in some cases bad questions, and the other which has all good reputation. If I merge the two of them, will I be able to ask question? I don't want to damage the healthy one.

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    Considering the fact, you should have never made a new account, I would leave what has been done alone. You should have asked a question on your original account once every 6 months. Yes; That’s a pain but you clearly had the capacity of doing that in the first place. – Security Hound Jun 24 at 21:15
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but would it impact negatively to the new one? @SecurityHound – Arturo Jun 24 at 21:17
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    First thing you need to do is alert a moderator to get rid of the voting fraud on your current account. Tends to take care of that old account, typically. – Hans Passant Jun 24 at 21:19
  • @Arturo well, the ban is something that gets calculated when you hit 'post'. I would guess if the old one is question banned, adding it's posts to your current account won't do any favors. Now.... You likely shouldn't have created another account in the first place... But here we are I guess – Patrice Jun 24 at 21:31
  • @Arturo - The fact you created a new account already impacts your new account. What is done is done. Entirely up to a moderator if the account exists tomorrow. Your old account was a dead horse until you started to shine a light on it. – Security Hound Jun 24 at 21:37
  • Why am I getting so many negative feedback? This is a good and new question, please enlight me so I can improve the question. – Arturo Jun 25 at 3:42
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    You get credit for coming out about having a banned account, but, overall, the fact that you bypassed the ban doesn't really show a level of personal responsibility. You were banned. No one can tell if you'll be banned during a merge, but it's probably a good bet something will happen. I suspect downvotes are due to your avoidance of the consequences that come from not paying attention to our standards. – fbueckert Jun 25 at 4:09
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    But that's outside of the question, why whatever I did affect a question about something else? That's like if I said 2 min ago I don't like Red, and then I ask: hey what's your fav color? Red. The question doesn't have anything to do with a previous action, a question is a question and nothing else. If it didn't meet the guidelines I understand but then now the downvotes are opinionated... something's wrong here... @fbueckert – Arturo Jun 25 at 5:35
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    @fbueckert I don't agree that any credit is due. The scofflaw OP acted against the rules as published on SE and, more importantly, acted in a disrespectful and derisory manner to curation efforts. It considers such immoral actions as everyday normality and expects mods to waste more effort on covering up tbe fraud by merging accounts:(( – Martin James Jun 25 at 5:36
  • @Arturo 'why whatever I did affect a question about something else', it's not something else. – Martin James Jun 25 at 5:40
  • @Arturo - This question is not well researched that is the reason for my downvote. – Security Hound Jun 25 at 10:46

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