I'd appreciate a tag for Multivariate Linear Regression.

A very common problem in statistics & programming, very different from the more standard univariate case for which the existing tag of linear-regression is often used as a synonym.

Multivariate linear regression seems to be used some hundred+ times in stackoverflow question titles/texts and gets some 40m hits on google, 1m when asked in quotes; as a common programming/computation topic it guess it could deserve a tag.

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    There is a line between the domain of questions about programming / software development, and the domain of questions that are about machine learning in a technology agnostic manner (which is actually best asked elsewhere). Stack Overflow deals with the former, whereas other sites in the SE network (Cross Validated, Data Science.SE, ...) deal with the latter (related Meta question). As questions purely about linear analysis are not on-topic, you may have to make a stronger point for why this tag is needed on Stack Overflow. – E_net4 flags heat Jun 20 at 21:26
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  • @E_net4likesdownvotes Thanks for the useful link. Re your first comment: There are (I reckon rightly so) tons of very technology specific questions about how to best get multivariate regression done say specifically in C++ or what have you. – FlorianH Jun 20 at 22:08
  • Those may indeed be on-topic, but the question then is whether such a fine-grained tag is really necessary. Keeping it in a neutral fashion, and for context worth placing in this question: Searching for multivariate linear regression yields 270+ results; for just linear regression, there are 12k+ results. – E_net4 flags heat Jun 20 at 22:13

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