Usually, when selecting the code (of course, in edit mode) and pressing Ctrl+K, or {}, the selection is correctly formatted as code:

Sub Foo()
    'Whatever in here...
End Sub

But sometimes, the above way of formatting, simply does not work! The code is moved for one Tab space, but it looks messed up.

In such a situation I use the next (less elegant) way, using ``:

Sub Foo() 'Whatever in here... End Sub

Is it a trick, something to be known, in order to avoid such a behavior?

I searched for such a clarification, but I could not find anything conclusive. A link to a place supplying a solution for the above described issue will be good enough.


Using ``` on the lines in front and after the code:

    Sub Foo()
        'Whatever in here...
    End Sub

But sometimes, the above way of formatting, simple does not work!

What I see happening in the Suggested Edit queue, when people try to fix broken code formatting is:

  • There isn't a line break between regular text and the code so the code formatting is broken.

    It looks like this:
        code is indented but not formatted correctly
    Instead of like this:
        code is formatted
  • Sometimes, selecting the blank space above the code in addition to the code itself and then trying to format that throws things off. I'm not sure why but I've seen it get confused as to whether it should be formatting or un-formatting the code.

  • It doesn't play nicely with lists. Note that I had to use <pre> tags in the first bullet point and it still isn't indented as if it's in the list. Putting code in a list is hard to get right.

  • Re "It doesn't play nicely with lists.": Indeed. The workaround is to use an external text editor. Jun 17 '20 at 12:43
  • @CodyGray, you just made my day with that edit, I have been looking for so long on how to properly put code block into bulleted lists, without pre. Is there an article or meta post somewhere about this? Jun 17 '20 at 14:31

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