Questions sent to meta usually belong on meta. Can we please not reject migration for questions moved from main to meta if the question is closed? Questions like this (deleted; 10k) and this belong more on meta than main, regardless of whether they're closed or not.

I also flagged the first one for mod attention to get it deleted. It was marked helpful, and I got this response on the flag:

helpful - Sigh. Returning posts from Meta to main is a bug.

Leaving the question on both main and meta just causes more work. The one on main has to be manually deleted (if it has answers, otherwise it can roomba, but it usually gets explicitly deleted regardless), while, from what I can tell, the one left locked on meta requires mod intervention to deal with.

Can this please be fixed so closure on a post migrated to meta doesn't cause migration rejection, but rather normal closure? Let's deal with it here instead of on two sites when it has been migrated correctly in the first place.

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    Absolutely agreed! I have been meaning to post this bug report for literally years, and just never managed to do it. I'm glad someone at least reads my flag messages. :-) – Cody Gray Jun 9 at 20:23
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    @CodyGray Anyone who knows you could tell from your way of writing that this was you :p – Nick Jun 9 at 21:38
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    Just a heads up that this is on the product team list to revisit. Agree this could be done better. – Jon Chan Aug 5 at 19:27
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    @JonChan Any update on ETA/discussions for this? as we've had another question fall victim. – Nick Sep 1 at 13:30
  • @Nick It's status-deferred, so the ETA is 6-8 – Zoe Sep 1 at 14:24
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    @Zoe Yeah, 6-8 10ths of a day it seems :p – Nick Sep 2 at 9:00
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    @Nick One might say I didn't expect that :P – Zoe Sep 2 at 9:14

This change has been made and is now live: If a question from a main site is migrated to the associated meta site, and is then closed on the meta site, it will remain closed on the meta site and will not be marked as MigrationRejected and returned to the main site.

post wrong for main,
migrated to meta site
closed? keep it right here

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