The and tags are really the same; they are both used for Icarus Verilog, which is the name of the open-source Verilog simulation software. icarus is the informal name of the software, and iverilog is the name of the command to run the simulation software. I don't understand why 2 tags exist.

We're not talking about a lot of questions: iverilog has about 100 and icarus about 50.

iverilog has more complete tag info and there are more questions, which means people think of using iverilog more often than icarus.

I see that iverilog has icarus as a suggested synonym. Ideally, there would only be one tag. Can these tags be merged so that we only end up with one? Or, should I make icarus a synonym for iverilog? What is the best approach?

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  • I think that we should rename both to [icaus-verilog] and be done with it. Like other products that are known for its maker and product name. – Braiam May 29 at 18:24

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