Just one or two days ago there was a question about real world applications of graph theory on SO (the main Stack Overflow site) listed in hot network questions. Now I cannot find it. Do you know how or where it can be found or if there is some better way than searching here in via Google to find it? I did visit the question using the SO Android app so maybe I have some history with it.


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There are a couple of chat rooms that have a feed that posts all Hot Network Questions. So basically if a question had been on the HNQ list it is for example listed in this chatroom (assuming my app on Glitch didn't break or had an outage). Some sites have a chatroom with an HNQ feed for only their site. That might make looking for a question easier if you remember the site but not the title.

Alternatively you could leverage the Stack Exchange Data Explorer but SEDE only updates once a week so that might not be that handy if you want to go back only a couple of days back.

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