While surfing on Stack Overflow I encountered a . Here are the error logs I collected:

Fatal error log started ...

  • Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? And is it unambiguous?

    Not to a meaningful extent. "fatal error" comes from many places, and this word (phrase) does not carry any useful information, not even when combined with another tag.

  • Is the concept described even on-topic for the site?

    Surely a "fatal error" of a program may be on-topic here, but that depends a lot on the actual content of the post. For example, no one would agree that the following "fatal error" is accepted:

    Windows has encountered a fatal error and cannot continue. Please reboot your computer.

  • Does the tag add any meaningful information to the post?

    Attempting to process highest-voted questions from https://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=votes&q=%5bfatal-error%5d%20is%3aquestion...

    fatal error: no meaningful information detected
  • Does it mean the same thing in all common contexts?

    Absolutely no. There are so many kinds of fatal errors that

    fatal error: inconsistent meaning, cannot continue

End of fatal error log. Please contact the Meta community for further assistance.


Can we fix this by eliminating all s from Stack Overflow? We've already got rid of and blacklisted it.

  • Unlike error, There is a well delineated meaning and a context: An error that causes a program to abort, regardless of the programming language. There is a border here unlike the errors tag. Fatal errors are called that, because they are fatal. You can't recover from them.. You say Absolutely no. There are so many kinds of fatal errors that "fatal error: inconsistent meaning, cannot continue". The "cannot continue" part is the consistent meaning across all all languages including this post.
    – TheMaster
    Jul 19 '20 at 16:44
  • @TheMaster Your argument can apply to almost every burnination request, e.g., [the one about [user]](/q/268187). That it has a consistent meaning is not sufficient for a tag to be kept.
    – iBug
    Jul 20 '20 at 4:07
  • It fails criteria 1 too. It is not ambiguous. A clear well delineated border and seems to make good sense with [php] based on your top posts. Preferably [php] experts should weigh in.
    – TheMaster
    Jul 20 '20 at 4:37
  • Even without [php], it seems to provide good info(but the same meaning) when combined with other tags: stackoverflow.com/…
    – TheMaster
    Jul 20 '20 at 4:45

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