Is it okay to flag a question without first notifying in the comment to let the asker change it themselves?

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    No, it's not rude. That's what flags are for. Votes and flags are the primary feedback mechanisms. Commenting is secondary. – yivi May 21 at 14:19
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    I stopped commenting because it often backfires. – Zoe May 21 at 14:25
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    Why would it be rude? I mean.... Onus of proof and all.... – Patrice May 21 at 15:16

No, absolutely not.

In fact, that is what you should do. Commenting is optional, and should have no connection to whether or not you've flagged.

If you're talking about flagging a question as needing to be closed (unsuitable for this site), then you should never wait to do that. The sooner a question gets closed, the better. That way, it won't start to accumulate responses before it is edited.

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