Reading Why is voting important?, I'm missing a section about changing votes, especially time limits. This could also be a reference to the page I'm currently searching for an hour (without success). On Meta sites I find a lot of discussion about the actual values (seems more guessing than knowing) or disputes about the usability (and (declined) change requests) for a thing that I cannot find any reference for. Maybe I only searched in a bad way. In this case please help me find the information.

I hereby suggest to make the voting (timing) details more accessible in the help pages.

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  • It exists on MSE. Search process: find the FAQ overview post on MSE, ctrl-f vote. – Zoe May 20 at 11:50
  • Really interesting to read, so thanks. Couldn't this be referred to from the help page(s)? I mean why not a How does voting work help page? – Wolf May 20 at 12:04

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