Please rename the tag to on Stack Overflow.

HMS stands for Huawei Mobile Services and people who are creating questions usually try to search for tag starting with huawei-.

A tag named simply might be not clear for beginners.

I based my suggestion on Google's tags. There is , but not .

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Good suggestion; done and done.

The tag still exists as a synonym of , in order to avoid breaking anyone's bookmarks. But all attempts to tag a question will replace that tag with , which will hopefully prevent any confusion and avoid any mistagging.

(If it is later determined that the acronym "HMS" is ambiguous—i.e., that there are other programming-related concepts using the same acronym—then we can remove the synonym at that time.)

Before doing this, I also verified that all questions with the tag were actually about Huawei Mobile Services. There were only 14 of them that didn't mention "huawei" directly in the body of the question, and all of those were indeed about Huawei-related stuff. Although most of them were terribly unclear, so that was handled, too...

  • Thank you for your efforts.
    – deadfish
    Commented May 20, 2020 at 9:02

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