I assume it is necessary to delete the questions tagged and merge correspondent questions to tag . The tag has orders of magnitude more questions than (17,872 vs 75 respectively).

The tag is ambiguous - for example, in the language a class_constructor method is different to a constructor and is used only for static classes, however seeing the set of questions tagged with one can confirm that tag is used for both static/instance constructors and simply duplicates the scope of tag.

Among the questions tagged by we see questions about Java, Delphi, PHP, Laravel, etc. Also, has no usage guidance which makes it even harder to distinguish from the usage of the tag.

This is open for discussion.

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    Sounds more like [class-constructors] should be a synonym of [constructor], not burninated – Machavity May 19 at 14:34
  • Probably, let the community decides. As for me, tag in a plural form is a not a good taste – Suncatcher May 19 at 15:14
  • I prefer class constructors, since constructors is a common word defined outside software development. – Braiam May 20 at 2:23

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