I am developing simple tracking tool using Stack Overflow Jobs data (https://stackseeker.com/), but it looks like there is an issue.

Connecting from Slovakia I can see 2322 job postings on main page, but when trying to curl the main page from the server in Germany I can see 15808 postings. Are job postings geographically filtered based on IP address? If so, is there possibility to disable this filter?

  • That spam add has been haywire forever - just ignore it. Right now among other things it says, in German, that I suggests I should move to Germany for a Python job... although I have never logged in on the site from Germany, don't want to move to Germany, don't know German, don't know Python.
    – Lundin
    May 18, 2020 at 10:42

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Yes, SO Jobs are filtered by IP address. Clients have the option to hide their job listing from users outside a defined geographical area. We handle this by Geo IP matching.

You can work around this issue by using the RSS feed, http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/feed.

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