For a month, SO had review-banned me until May 15.

On May 17, it said:

Your review on triage/25712643 wasn't helpful.... Come back on May 31 at 15:15 to continue reviewing.

No reason was given for the extension.

Like a Kafka story, I'm trying very hard to understand the crime.

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  • Do you have a link to that review? – Modus Tollens May 17 at 11:36
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    There is never just an extension. Either it said 31st before, or you got banned till 15, reviewed again, made another mistake, then got banned again. Did you review anything at all yesterday/the day before? – Patrice May 17 at 11:36
  • @ModusTollens stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25712643 the post itself was deleted by the OP on March 30, any action taken would have been on March 28. – Robert Longson May 17 at 11:47
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    Perhaps you could focus on a) do you understand that your review choice was incorrect? b) If presented with the same review again, what would you choose instead and why? – Robert Longson May 17 at 11:49
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    @rajah9 Unfortunately I can't see the question on that. But if it is now deleted and the other reviewing user marked it as "unsalvageable" there is a chance that only an edit by the original poster would have made the question a good fit for Stack Overflow. From How does the Triage queue work?: "Do not choose "Requires Editing" if you know the question can only be made answerable with clarification or additions from its author." (Note that this is just a guess as I can't see the question) – Modus Tollens May 17 at 11:53
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    There was no extension. You never had a review suspension ending May 15. You might have been mistaken. – Samuel Liew May 17 at 11:56
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    Here are the three reviews you failed on Mar 28 (stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25712643, stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25713018, stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25712317), duration of 64 days was applied. – Samuel Liew May 17 at 11:59

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