When I make a new post on Stack Overflow, I see "Viewed 1 time" (that would be me, I suppose).

If I refresh the page just after posting, I see "Viewed 2 times". (Since it is always like that and nobody could have clicked on it that fast, I assume that this is me again.)

Now, if I refresh the page it still says 2, until another person views the question. So it is counting me twice...

I'm asking myself since quite some time how this is coded...

  • If it takes the User ID into account then it should not go from 1 to 2, since 1 is already my account...
  • if it takes time into account, then it should also not go from 1 to 2, since only a few seconds passed since I created the question.
  • If the page would have been initialized with 1 as a default value and I would then have been added as the first user so that it displays 2, then I would see 2 right away and would never see 1.

How is this working behind the scenes (most likely, since I assume that nobody here knows the source code)?

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    How do you know that nobody else can see it that fast? – Cody Gray May 15 at 7:42
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    This has bugged me too. In my opinion, the user creating the Question shouldn't be counted in view count at all. – Scratte May 15 at 7:44
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    It counts unique IP visits every 15 minutes. So if you visit your own question 4 times this hour you'll have 4 views. It is possible that the Google Crawler is the second visitor. – rene May 15 at 7:48

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