I have a couple hundred bookmarks I've collected over 9 years or so on SO. There are seven pages of them on the Bookmark tab in my profile. Today I wanted to find a bookmark I recently created, but could not do so easily. The Bookmarks tab has sort buttons for "Newest" and "Added", but surely I could not tell you want these mean. Neither appeared to do what I needed. Does Newest mean newest question, newest bookmark anyone has added, or something else? What does Added mean?

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  • "Newest" is almost certainly question creation date. "Added" seems to be when you bookmarked it, assuming I'm remembering my bookmarking history correctly. Is it possible the question you bookmarked was deleted or something? – John Montgomery May 13 at 19:26
  • If you did bookmark it before last sunday, it should be part of this SEDE Query assuming the question is not deleted. And my sort seems to match what @JohnMontgomery noticed for the "added" tab. – rene May 13 at 19:29
  • I made a keyboard macro (own Arduino Leonardo-based macro keyboard) to transfer all bookmark URLs to a text file, removing them in the process (at 400 bookmarks it becomes unwieldy with the paging and no search facility). – Peter Mortensen May 13 at 20:28

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