The tag: 60 questions, no usage guidance, and just a hodge-podge of people wanting to check something.

No clear or useful purpose at all.

Burninate and blacklist it I say.

What say ye?

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    A burn is warranted. We normally hold back on blacklisting. Only if a burninated tag keeps being recreated a tag is added to the blacklist. – rene May 13 at 7:11
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    Looks like it has already been burninated once. – janw May 13 at 7:23
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    "Fit for burnination: [check]" – usr2564301 May 13 at 9:20
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    He's making a list, he's [check]ing it twice, Gonna find out if a burnination is wise, Trogdor is coming to town. – VLAZ May 13 at 9:31
  • Time to stop payment on our tag [check]. – Robert Columbia May 13 at 13:56
  • This tag is [check]mated. – Robert Columbia May 13 at 13:56

Some of these questions can be retagged:

  • Questions about putting checks in checkboxes or checking whether they are checked can be retagged .
  • Questions about check constraints in databases can be retagged .
  • Questions about software verification techniques (check if this code works...) can be retagged .
  • I didn't see any current questions about that are also tagged , but if any show up, the tag should be sufficient.

Having at least these three separate usages indicates to me that it's time to stop payment on this right away!

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I’ve taken care of the tag manually, including closing what needed closing.

I’ve also take care of , in the same vein.

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