I am trying to find out the tags that appear frequently together for a given tag.

For example, will appear frequently with and will appear together with and so on.

So by running a query for , I want to get the more frequently used tags with Pandas.

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    Did you know that clicking on a tag on Stack Overflow will show you a list of the top tags used with that tag? It’s under “related tags”. – Laurel May 12 at 13:26

The following query does that for you.

It is basically joining the PostTags table twice, one to get the PostIds for the tag you want to use as a selection and then again to find the other tagid-s. Joining with the Tags table is trivial so you can show the name of the tag.

select tt.tagname, count(*) [count] 
from posttags pt -- tags on posts
inner join tags st on st.id = pt.tagid -- selection tag
inner join posttags ptt on ptt.postid = pt.postid -- other tags
inner join tags tt on tt.id =  ptt.tagid -- other tag names
where st.tagname = ##tagname:string?pandas##
and tt.tagname <> ##tagname:string?pandas##
group by tt.tagname
order by count(*) desc 

This is what the top result looks like:

enter image description here

You can somewhat verify the result if you look at the top users for a tag as that has the related tags list in the right side bar as well.

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