In this question I mentioned at the bottom that it wasn't a dupe of this question. But it was nevertheless unilaterally closed as a dupe of it by a gold-badge holder.

The questions are about a similar area of syntax, but are asking for different answers about that area of syntax.

Surely it's ok to have different questions about the same area of syntax?

For context, I asked:

What's a nice way of doing this in Python:

i = 0
for x in foo:
    print x
    i = i + 1
print(f"We handled {i} (potentially zero) elements in foo")

and the other question asks why iterating over an empty iterator runs zero times.

I don't think these are the same question, although they both deal with iterating over empty iterators.

Do I have any recourse?

  • What is "doing this"? – philipxy Apr 30 '20 at 0:03

You edited the link after the question was closed.

Your recourse is to ensure your edit is substantial including adding additional information as to why you think the duplicate does not answer the question, otherwise reviewers will only see this change and decide it doesn't warrant reopening:

enter image description here

  • 2
    Yes, that's helpful. I've made a more substantial change which puts right at the top what I want, and how it's different from the dupe, along with a good edit message. Didn't know there was a re-open queue. Thanks! – LondonRob Apr 29 '20 at 10:48

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