Let's say I would have this in triage: How to Remove Gnome From Ubuntu 17.10

I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 Beta but to be honest, I'm not a big fan of gnome and So How can I Completely Install Another GUI / Desktop Environment like Unity or Cinnamon but I don't happen to find up a good tutorial on how to do that?

Can you guys please help?


would it be correct to mark it unsalvageable because it's about hardware and software?

It's a flagging option but it's not in the triage guidelines: How does the Triage queue work?

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    I've updated How does the Triage queue work? to have a more complete list. Does that make the text there clear enough to cover your question? – Makyen Apr 27 at 2:22
  • Thanks ! That makes it clearer. – Nakx Apr 27 at 2:40

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