Consider this question:

Do `const T` and `T` have no difference when taking its nested type?

It has been tagged with , but it's only about non-class types defined within a class. Is there / should there be another tag for such types? If not, shouldn't we have a synonym for [tag:inner-classes] or perhaps the other way around?

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    so i at least understand so at a very basic level what you are talking about, but believe or not, there are people that can't understand at all what it is about . Why do you not explain it in much much broader words, for every one to understand. – nbk Apr 25 at 20:43
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    Why not simply using none? Not every topic deserves a standalone tag, specially if another already covers the topic of the question. – Braiam Apr 25 at 21:36
  • @Braiam: Well, the reason is that I see an invalid use of inner-classes - so it's one of: untagging, adding a synonym, or adding a new tag. – einpoklum Apr 25 at 21:45
  • @nbk: Not sure what I can explain better, but I've edited to try. – einpoklum Apr 25 at 21:46
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    the tag is already deleted and i think we should have a new tag nested-data-types – nbk Apr 25 at 21:54
  • @nbk: Then perhaps make that an answer? Anyway, thanks. – einpoklum Apr 25 at 22:00

Using neither is a valid option in this case. Inner classes, nested class types, etc. are minutiae of language specifications, and as such the language tag already covers topics about these. Such a narrow tag doesn't offer any ad valorem to the question, the asker or the answerers.

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