I would like to rename the existing tag to .

Additionally, I would like to be an alias for for users who have not seen the announcement yet and are unaware of the new name.

See the announcement here: https://vercel.com/blog/zeit-is-now-vercel

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    I'm willing to action this, but I have a minor concern. Previously, it looks like "ZEIT" was the name of the company and "Now" was the name of the product. What about the new tag? If "Vercel" is the name of the company, what is the name of the product? We generally prefer not to have tags named after companies. – Cody Gray Apr 22 at 20:08
  • The name of the company and the product are both Vercel. The announcement links to a FAQ explaining What is "Now" renamed to?: notion.so/zeithq/FAQ-c726facaf7cc41c095ba49aeea90219e – styfle Apr 22 at 20:40
  • Okay; thanks. I was not able to find that in my initial search. That is a bit confusing, but it is what it is. – Cody Gray Apr 22 at 21:02

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