If I search wpf questions with bounty and "No accepted answer", there are no results.

enter image description here

But if I uncheck "No accepted answer" and search again, there are two results, one question with no accepted answer:

enter image description here

So, there is an issue in the first search, it should return one question instead of nothing.

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This is not really specific to questions with bounties. Apparently, the "No accepted answer" filter only returns questions with no upvoted or accepted answers (even for questions with no bounties). The heading on top of the dialog states that fact:

enter image description here

Perhaps, the checkbox text should read "No accepted/upvoted answer" if they don't plan to add more filters. Obviously, the better alternative would be to have two checkboxes; one filters out accepted answers only and the other filters out upvoted answers.

This was reported in an answer on Meta.SE last year and a staff member replied in the comments saying basically the same thing and mentioning that they will look into changing the wording of the checkbox text. Apparently, that wasn't pursued though.

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