I was asking a question here and I got downvoted.

I have read about how to ask good questions.

Note: I am not complaining about the downvote and there is probably a good reason why I got downvoted. I understand that votes are needed to guarantee the quality of the questions and answers in the community. I just want to get some feedback to improve my question, since I got a question ban and I don't want to make the same mistake again in the future.

I wanted the question to be as clear as possible so I tried the following:

  • I provided the programming language and the framework related to the question with the corresponding tags.
  • I did my own research and improved my post with feedback when necessary.
  • I tried to provide a minimal reproducible example to provide all parts someone else needs to reproduce my problem.

I think I might've been downvoted because:

  • the post is too long; my intention wasn't clear immediately.
  • the title is not clear and doesn't represent my problem good enough.
  • the question is too broad and involves multiple topics.
  • the implementation looked bad.
  • the question is not valuable for future readers.
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    you don't need but language and framework in the post body. You should be using tags for that. Having said that I wouldn't worry too much about a single downvote if you also have a couple of upvotes. Apr 19, 2020 at 18:21


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