Already posted this as a feature request under the relevant question.

Dark Mode Beta came out over two weeks ago and I've been noticing this for a while. No one has mentioned it, AFAICT, and I'm not sure if it's just me.1

So, I know very little about UX and design has never been my thing but in my experience, visited links are usually styled with a "more dull" color. Well, with this new dark mode, it seems the be quite the opposite. Here are some examples:

Home Page:

Home Page



Profile Activity (Votes, Responses, All actions):2

Profile Activity tabs

Now, in all the examples above, it's always the "brighter color" that is used to indicate visited links and the "more dull" color is used to indicate non-visited links. That seems counter-intuitive to me and I'm mistaking them all the time. I think it's more obvious in the second and third examples. I used to immediately spot newly featured Meta posts that I haven't visited. Well, not anymore.

Should the styling for visited and non-visited links be reversed (possibly with slightly different colors) or am I the only one?

(Feel free to skip this part)

For reference this is how it looked like with a Chrome extension that I used before the SO Dark Mode was released:

Home Page using a Chrome extension

..and this is how Reddit, for example, handles visited links in dark mode:


1 I didn't post this (yet) as an answer under the "Dark Mode Beta" post because I wanted to seek discussion from the community first.

2 There's also the inconsistency issue with this one. It uses this styling only for the last 3 tabs (under Profile > Activity). The remaining tab use the same styling used for the Home Page.

  • Even in light mode it’s really difficult to tell visited links apart from non-visited ones, and to interpret which is which, especially on MSE. – Sebastian Simon Apr 19 '20 at 18:59

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