I would like to vote things and comment on things, but do not know how. Please help.

P.S. I actually do know, but I can't get past Student level because I don't have an actual question to ask yet.


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Have you tried reading the help center

Vote up Moderation privilegePrivilege type:

Awarded at: 15 reputation

What is voting up? Voting up is how the community indicates which questions and answers are most useful and appropriate.

When should I vote up? Whenever you encounter a question, answer or comment that you feel is especially useful, vote it up!

You have a limited number of votes per day, so use them wisely.

How do I vote up? Click the large up arrow to the left of a post, or the small up arrow to the left of a comment.

You can undo your vote by clicking the same button you used to vote, so click the up arrow to undo an upvote or the down arrow to undo a downvote. To change a vote from up to down, click the down arrow, and vice versa. Votes can only be changed for a short period of time, so be careful with those clicks!

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    Nope, they didn't think about it yet. Duplicating a message that is guaranteed to change Real Soon Now is not a good idea. Just post the link if you want to help. Apr 14, 2020 at 22:04

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