Is off-topic removed from the options at stackoverflow?

enter image description here

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    You have to navigate to "Needs Improvement". I guess they're trying to make things "friendlier", though it makes more sense to do that for those receiving the close message, not those choosing it – CertainPerformance Apr 14 '20 at 5:50
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    A topic about almost the same thing: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/396592 – CertainPerformance Apr 14 '20 at 5:50
  • In Needs Improvement too, there is no off topic – Utsav Patel Apr 14 '20 at 5:51
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    @CertainPerformance The argument can be made that by making it friendlier for closers, more users will choose that option as well. Some users would have feel uncomfortable picking an option with "harsher" language may be OK with "needs improvement". – yivi Apr 14 '20 at 6:01

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