I'm on Stack Overflow, browsing as usual, but today I notice that when I go back to the home page, I get questions that have nothing to do with Stack Overflow.

"Technical Communities Recently Active Questions"

So basically the message I get is: Welcome to Stack Overflow, please look elsewhere.

I get it, I can collapse, but it's cluttering the visual space, even when collapsed (and it's not collapsed by default)! Look, the Top Questions are at the bottom of my screen! This seriously give an impression of Google where no one can find where the actual results are. Do you really want to have a landing page as bad as Google's search results page?

Also, I don't care about those questions: I already have the Hot Network Questions box if I want to go outside of Stack Overflow. And the advantage of the HNQ is that at least I'm not limited to "Technical Communities".

I know you want to change the Hot Network Questions. But like this? Taking all my visual space? No. I'm on Stack Overflow, I want to see Stack Overflow questions. Please get rid of this.

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    "Our questions suck. Maybe you'd like these better?" Commented Apr 9, 2020 at 16:39


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