As per How to rename a tag?, this is a request to remove redundancy from the tag to the available since most library tags do away with the primary language used unless there is a collision.

It already has a synonym so dropping "haskell-" from the main tag shouldn't be disruptive.

EDIT: Seems like this tag was previously but was renamed to due to several mistagging of questions as per this previous retag request.

As per the synonym statistics, 320 questions have been retagged with however there are currently 220 questions with such a tag. As such, the related discussion on removing the synonym is pending and this discussion on renaming for can take place without undoing or countering that previous effort/discussion.

And on inspecting the recently tagged questions there are still plenty of misstagged questions that are not related to any sort of .


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Since the previous discussion shows that the tag intentionally uses the longer name to avoid confusion and conflicts, renaming it back would be counterproductive.

So the tag should not be renamed.

  • However, I would counter-argue that the creation of the other tags (like snap-package, snapcraft, etc) would make the ambiguity clear and all those other snap tags aren't frameworks. Apr 1, 2020 at 20:53
  • Besides, the issue on that discussion has to do with the [snap] synonym more than the [snap-framework] tag which wasn't removed! It seems like the synonym would still need removal since [snap] is ambiguos. Apr 1, 2020 at 21:04

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