Tags and both refer to procedures in WPF programming that have to do with customizing its layout system for an application.

Programming measuring & arranging logic is somewhat of an arcane detail. But in the WPF layout system measuring & arranging are by design always going to be used together. As such it doesn't really make sense to me to have individual tags for them.

Instead I propose consolidating them into a new tag called something like wpf-layout-system. That would be inclusive of these two plus offer a slightly broader catchment of related questions that would be useful to readers researching this area of WPF programming but can't be easily subdivided from the many 1000s of general wpf-* tagged questions.

They are each used right now on ~30 questions with some overlap between them. However I think there are probably a good number of additional questions which are actually about closely related topics that would fall into the proposed new wpf-layout-system tag.

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