After getting suggestions about what to do with people that post many either code-only answers or literally copied from already existing answers, I've started to apply the suggestions. For more informations: This is the previous post.

I've found two answers from the same person again!

  1. Again a copied answer! He answered on a question that has already an answer (posted a hour earlier and accepted) and he has written the same thing one more time! Not even any relevant explanations or additions! I downvoted the answer and flagged it for moderator intervention. After some time I've noticed that he just deleted the answer!

  2. Again a code-only answer with one redundant sentence. I downvoted the answer but after some time I've noticed that he just deleted and reposted it! That brings me to my question ...

... is deleting/reposting answers worth to be flagged? I think it would be stupid to just downvote over and over again.

Out of curiousity I've checked his account again and .. he has only 4 (out of his 850 post where many of them are spam IMO) answers that are downvoted, which are accepted btw. This gives the whole thing another dimension as he is just spamming low-quality/copied answers for reputation and chances are high that he is deleting all of the downvoted ones and maybe reposts them. Are there mechanisms on Stack Overflow that prevent something like that?

Edit: One more question. After a post is flagged and then deleted by the user. Is it still reviewed?

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    Yes, mods will review flags whether post deleted or not. When post is deleted there is a good chance something really questionable going on... Time for mods to react to flags can be long.. and don't expect any publicly visible results - unless "the user" gets outright ban (unlikely). – Alexei Levenkov Mar 31 at 1:01
  • Had the same problem. Flag was marked as helpful, but no action taken by mods. Thankfully enough downvotes came from my question that the poster deleted their offending posts, but I don’t know if they will have learned any lessons in the absence of an official response. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/394397/…. Perhaps the mods are too busy with other projects like banning reviewers to worry about these things. – miken32 Mar 31 at 3:30
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    @miken32 You also managed to identify duplicated answers and flagged them, while also doing bad reviews and getting banned for them. So don't be surprised that mods also can do multi-tasking. – Tom Mar 31 at 3:35
  • @AlexeiLevenkov The flag for the copy got declined anyways. In the meantime I've found again answers from him that are straight up copied. Seems that just writing the same thing in slightly other words is enough to trick the moderators. But whatever, I guess, it's better to have false negatives than false positives ... – akuzminykh Apr 1 at 1:32

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