After closing the dark mode announcement widget, I could not find a way to deactivate the dark mode and return to the original light mode.

I didn't see anything on the home page, in the top bar, or on my profile page. How can I do this?

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Essentially, on Stack Overflow, click on your user info in the top bar, click on "edit profile and settings", scroll down to "Preferences" under "Site Settings".

It should be the first preference on the page.

Screenshot of the preferences page, showing the three options, light, dark, and system setting.
(click the image to see a gif of the path)

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You can change it back using the Preferences page on Stack Overflow. Here is a direct link to the Preferences page for your account:


Pick the "Light" option.

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You can edit your theme here: https://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences

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  1. Go to the profile page.

  2. Edit the profile and settings

  3. Site settings

  4. Preferences

Finally you can see other modes.

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