I think most of us already noticed the issue in the latest questions on meta where the duplicate banner is missing the duplicate target:

The thin expanding blue line

Do our own accepted answers to our questions get counted for the Unsung Hero and Tenacious badges?

I think it happen only when the Community♦ is involved. Probably the same issue on the main site because I remember seeing this (not able to retrieve the examples to confirm if the Community♦ is also involved)


Another question where it's not happening: Short Survey Banner Refuses to Go Away. There is another factor to activate the bug.


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This issue is now fixed, as per this meta.se post.

I have also verified that all links present here in this question and its comments are fixed as well.

I have noticed however that this issue could still happen for very old questions that were closed long before the system of post notices existed.

At the time, the Community user was simply adding a note by editing the post. Authors could then remove the note which was leaving the question in a similar state (as it was actually the case here for instance).

In that case the post should be flagged for moderator attention as said by Cody Gray in this answer. The mod will then reopen the question, and re-close it with the right duplicate based on the question history.

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