This is a dupe question. It's been asked at least three times before:

The problem is, none of those questions have been answered - unless you count "Huh, that is hella weird" as an answer. Here we are at least 5 months later with the same annoying problem. It's happening to me now on three different machines — I don't think this should be difficult to reproduce but if staff has any questions I'd be happy to provide answers.

Will someone please fix this?

enter image description here

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  • Can't read it - continuous page refreshes on my browser:( – Martin James Mar 29 at 7:20
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    I've answered the damn questions, and it still keeps prompting me to "Take our short survey". Clicking the link of course leads to an error message because I've already taken the survey. Damn annoying. – Cris Luengo Mar 31 at 20:48
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    I've noticed it's gone on the home page but for all other pages it won't go away. If you hit the top-left hamburger menu, there's also another survey popup that's just as persistent (again, not on the home page). – Phil Apr 1 at 22:41
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    Possible duplicate of "How are we doing!?" is haunting me – Robert Columbia Apr 2 at 14:35
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    @RobertColumbia - yes, as stated in my question, this is a duplicate or several questions. As none of them have been answered, I'm hoping it can get answered here. – billynoah Apr 2 at 14:47
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    Adam Lear's answer does not answer my question nor does it solve this bug. In fact, it doesn't really seem to answer the question on the other post, of which this has been closed as a dupe. While I appreciate the bit of info offered there, it does not answer or solve this ongoing issue. If anyone agrees, please re-open my question here. – billynoah Apr 2 at 18:47
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    Please make it stop! This is sooooo annoying – j08691 Apr 2 at 19:00
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    if this comment reaches to 10 votes I will write a chrome extension to workaround this – Jossef Harush May 1 at 23:45
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    "How are we doing? Take our short survey" - meh... – Boaz May 3 at 14:54
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    I'm also getting this behavior with the added bonus that the banner returns after few times I visit. If this is not resolved or at least addressed, it will be added as an adblocker rule. – Boaz May 3 at 15:28
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    "How are we doing? Take our short survey" - imho the way the banner issue and the related questions are handled provide a first answer ... – collapsar May 4 at 10:04
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    You can kill it with an Ad Blocker, then again you can vote with your feet. – user1155120 May 5 at 10:57
  • It's worth pointing out as a new survey has been added, this is still a thing. - Ref "Take our short survey" appears every time I open SO - (Comment by Cody in relation to this request). – Lankymart Jun 2 at 13:05
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    I just realised this post is from March. I hate everything. – Siguza Jun 3 at 12:46

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