This question was recently asked on Stack Overflow. Since it has now been deleted, I've reproduced its entire contents below:

Function not returning anything in the function

I am trying to make a tic tac toe game and when i'm trying to make a function that returns x or o in the 3x3 table i don't get anything,no errors tho

It is my strong opinion that this "question" should have never gotten past the quality filters on Stack Overflow, in particular, the "everything is ok" check, the one that tells the user, "Your question is ready to publish!".

This one wasn't even close to being ready to push. How was this question ever allowed to be posted? It shouldn't be too hard for an automated quality check to detect this, right?

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    It's whack-a-mole to detect these things, we prevent questions that are only links, we get questions that are some nonsense text + a link. Best just to close and move on. – Robert Longson Mar 26 at 15:55
  • It's only a question of minutes before somebody suggests an improvement to that post by inlining the image. And it will be approved. – usr2564301 Mar 26 at 16:27
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    @usr2564301 it shouldn't be, because that doesn't improve the question. Images of code are no better than links to images of code. – Robert Longson Mar 26 at 16:40
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    Do you mean the "more code than text" check or the "incorrectly formatted code check" or do you know more "only check[s] in place"? Or can we go a step further and you put more effort in your question than the question you're complaining about? – Tom Mar 26 at 18:14
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    It probably doesn’t check whether the entire question is a link. I’ve seen that happen before. It otherwise has a title, tags, and the minimum amount of text. – BSMP Mar 27 at 2:05

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