I'm missing the profile pictures/avatars in the question lists. To me it was a little bit like pepper and salt. Nowadays to me these lists are dull and they even discourage me to open/read and eventually answer questions. The layout is continuously changing and evolving, which is normal but still. Any opinions on this?

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    Which lists are you talking about? Everything still looks the same as usual to me. – John Montgomery Mar 25 at 22:36
  • The questions page. But it is already going on for a while I think. And you are correct about the answers, nothing changed there, I'll alter my question. – Kurt Van den Branden Mar 25 at 22:39
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    Are you talking about this page? I still see avatars there, so either it's an inconsistent bug or they're doing some sort of A/B testing. – John Montgomery Mar 25 at 22:40
  • Yes indeed, clicking on your link, I do see the avatars again. So stackoverflow.com is not showing avatars, stackoverflow.com/questions does – Kurt Van den Branden Mar 25 at 22:44
  • Has stackoverflow.com ever shown them? I don't think it's a recent change, at least. – John Montgomery Mar 25 at 22:45
  • I have always seen them when I was logged in, never checked the url before. – Kurt Van den Branden Mar 25 at 22:48
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    The home page (stackoverflow.com) has never shown avatars. The /questions page (stackoverflow.com/questions) has always shown avatars. Nothing has changed on this front. – Cody Gray Mar 25 at 23:35
  • How come that the links are different now? Every link to questions redirect me to stackoverflow.com, and not to stackoverflow.com/questions – Kurt Van den Branden Mar 26 at 1:00
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    What do you mean "every link to questions"? What links are you clicking? stackoverflow.com/questions takes me directly to the Questions page. The "Stack Overflow" icon in the top bar takes me to the home page, as it always has. – Cody Gray Mar 26 at 1:37