I like to link documentation to functions and methods in my answers and comments. I'm linking static stuff, i.e. functions, as follows:


So I'm writing the class and the function as I would do it in code and I write only the type for the parameters. I think this is a good and generic way to link documentation.

Now I'm not too sure how to link methods, i.e. non-static stuff.


This is what I do, parameters would be just the type as well. The only difference is, I indicate that it's a method by a # between the class name and the method name.

If the function or method has multiple versions depending on the parameters, or the paremeters are not relevant for the answer/comment/question, I'm just skipping the parameters completely.


I'm not sure if that is the "best" way. Does anyone know nice conventions?

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    There is no "best" way. The conventions there could be will vary across technology stacks, frameworks, personal preferences. Use something that works for you and you feel is clear enough. – yivi Mar 23 at 10:44
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    Btw you don't have to use triple backtick for inline code but for block code. You can use a single pair of backtick reducing your link to [`MyFunction()`](url) instead of [```MyFunction()```](url) – Drag and Drop Mar 23 at 12:54
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    As a general rule of thumb: stick to whatever is the usual standard for the technology at hand. Notation widely differs between various languages, and sometimes even between frameworks within one language. Write it in a way that somebody [trying to become] familiar with a given technology would find familiar. – deceze Mar 23 at 13:22
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    Pick one style and just stick with it. You might need one style per language but just be consistent. As long as people understand what you mean it's fine - all three styles you've shown are valid and easy to understand. You can, of course, change your style if you want but I found it helps to just use one - less thinking about "how do I format it this time". – VLAZ Mar 23 at 15:30

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