I have been regularly going through my review queues. I have never failed a bot test. Still I seem to have been banned from reviewing. What can be done?

I am very passionate about the SO community and hate to lose any privileges.

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    Have you seen "Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!"? This might be due to your actions on this review. – Wai Ha Lee Mar 23 at 5:48
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    see stackoverflow.com/review – Samuel Liew Mar 23 at 6:13
  • What is the recourse action for me here? – Sid Mar 23 at 6:27
  • That would be a wrong assumption that my reviews were incorrect. I will be more careful though. – Sid Mar 23 at 7:04
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    If your reviews weren't incorrect a moderator would not have banned you. This review action was wrong for instance, the correct action would have been to choose unsalvageable. – Robert Longson Mar 23 at 7:11
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    @Sid "Requires Editing" means basically "any random editor can - without additional input from the original asker of the question - improve the question to a degree that it is - in essence - a good question". Think of things like grammar, formatting, spelling etc. So please ask yourself, how would you edit the reviewed question so it is a clear, understandable, answerable & good question? I honestly believe that is not possible here since essential information is either unclear or entirely missing. Thus "requires editing" was the incorrect button to push. – CharonX Mar 23 at 15:09