This morning I received my meta.stackoverflow access. I had opened more than one tabs with stackoverflow questions which I had answered with a post, and comments. When I was into my welcome page to meta.stackoverflow, I could see from here there were mor than on messages into the Recent Inbox Messages, then I opened it and do a click in one message. Very fast, in the same tab, I was rediriged to this question in stackoverflow where I could see how my last post had had a duplicate. I didn't want to duplicate the post because the answer already was completely successful. The person who I help to solve the question had answered to me that already was very good. Then I did a click in the duplicate post to delete completely (I did a click in the button up on the left to delete it), but recently it is already shown to me in that question's page it says that it is hidden because I delete it. And I don't know what to do then I have decided to write this question tagged as bug, support, stackoverflow, meta.stackoverflow. Please if anybody knows the cause of this rare event or anybody wants to give me some advice or solution, please do it. Thank you very much. And happy codding!. :)

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    "Then I do click in the duplicate post to delete completely" ... this is unclear. What have you tried to click on which question? – Tom Mar 21 at 19:41
  • If I understand your post correctly: You accidentally answered a Question two times, with identical answers. Then you clicked on delete on one of them, but you can still see it? Does it appear with a red background? – Scratte Mar 21 at 19:48
  • @Tom, I did click in the delete button of the automatic generated identical second post. – David Gómez Corrales Mar 21 at 19:54
  • @Scratte, you are correct with all, less the part that says that I did the post twice. It was generated by meta.stackoverflow or by stackoverflow, but not me. – David Gómez Corrales Mar 21 at 19:56
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    Ok. Posts on Stack Overflow is never really deleted. Everything is "soft" deleted. This is by design. I can't see your deleted post. Only you and users with more than 10K reputation can see it. – Scratte Mar 21 at 20:05
  • @Scratte, ok, thank you very much by your answer. I felt that if really there was had a bug and I knew about it I must ask here in meta.stackoverflow, then staff people could observe all slowly and depply. Thank you very much, meta.stackoverflow is a very cool place to be!. Happy codding!. :) – David Gómez Corrales Mar 21 at 20:07
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    I have found an article that explains How does deleting work?. It doesn't mention comments, but I think I remember being able to see a deleted post where I had only made a comment and I had a direct link to my own comment. – Scratte Mar 21 at 20:33
  • @Scratte, ok, thank you very much. In the post you linked I could see that the system many times takes the control of the situation given. Because of that maybe the answer I had done minutes before then it was duplicated, rare case but true of course. :) – David Gómez Corrales Mar 22 at 5:54

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