When I click the review queue it says that no queues are available to me,

Now searching reveals that it appears i have a queue ban, but i have had no notification of the ban nor have i been told how long this is for ,or why? just before I clicked on it there was the red dot saying It was suggesting I review some posts. I get that you want people to get better at reviewing but if the only feedback on about 20-30 reviews is a ban with no idea why, how can we improve.

  • You might find this useful: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/394498/… and this as well: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/295650/… – rene Mar 20 at 20:53
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    From your last 6 Triage reviews, 3 are "Requires Edit" on posts which were unsalvageable (and have later been closed). – BDL Mar 20 at 20:55
  • If you're into chatting you might leave a message in chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/208985/bad-stack-overflow-reviews but this post is already mentioned there. – rene Mar 20 at 20:56
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    While you are bringing very good point the post itself is likely collect downvotes since that exact request is "featured on meta" for quite some time now (11 days to be precise)... I don't think this post adds anything new to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/394498/…. – Alexei Levenkov Mar 20 at 20:57
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    @BDL how can you see this? I have no idea where to see this information. and if i thought that if they could possibly reword it or improve what they were asking why is not saying it was unsalvagable cause me to be banned? Shouldn't bans be used for people being too strict, rather than people giving a chance? – Theresa Forster Mar 20 at 20:58
  • see your profile: stackoverflow.com/users/621567/… – rene Mar 20 at 21:00
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    The crux of this question is HOW CAN I SEE WHY SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED AND WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT! The information doesnt appear to be easy to find, specially on my profile etc. ok i can see the reviews but how do i know why i was banned it doesnt show - i was not the only person on one that was closed who said requires edit, so does that mean that they were also banned? – Theresa Forster Mar 20 at 21:00
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    Well, that is exactly how these bans are instrumental in getting the triage queue and its ban process fixed. And keep in mind that wrong triage reviews cause a lot of grief on the reviewers in H&I as those become useless due to how triage is handled. – rene Mar 20 at 21:03
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    currently there are 2900 reviewers banned: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… over 2000 due to selecting Requires Editing. – rene Mar 20 at 21:04
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    Red dot without available queues, translation: "We urgently don't need your help." ;) – Davy M Mar 20 at 21:55
  • @TheresaForster there is no need to shout - the linked duplicate already asks that - if you feel that "users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!" did not cover problem you see enough you can ask edit this question/edit new one. If you decide to do so clarify how the problem that users don't see that they are banned discussed in that question is different from your situation that you did not get notified about ban. – Alexei Levenkov Mar 21 at 1:33
  • @TheresaForster "does that mean that they were also banned" - SO actively try to not make information about bans or other temporary restrictions public - would you prefer to have huge "THIS USER BANNED FROM REVIEW" publicly visible on your profile? As result there is no way for regular users to know whether someone got banned (also likely all reviewers of the same post you got banned for were banned too) . Note that if a user get into serious trouble than this information is made public on they profile like "this account suspended till May 5 due to voting irregularities"... – Alexei Levenkov Mar 21 at 1:41
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    "What can I do about it": learn about the "why" so it doesn't happen to you again. If the ban is for only a short period of time, don't worry about it and sit it out. If it's for a longer period of time, if you post in the bad reviews chat in a constructive manner and can demonstrate you understand the "why" in such a way the mods can be sure you won't repeat that mistake, there's a chance the ban will be lifted early. (But if you would repeat the mistake, the next ban will be extremer, so it pays to take the time to learn the rules. People in chat are happy to help with that.) – Cindy Meister Mar 21 at 6:36

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