Normally when you're at the reputation grapth, it always shows the y-axis between 0-200:

enter image description here

But when you only select negative reputation, the y-axis changes to fill in the full 2 rep changes, I thought I found it looking silly to even show rep in decimals:

enter image description here

As shown above, this is only the case if there are really only one or more -2 reputations in the selected time window (added another screenshot for test case).

enter image description here

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    there're other cases where the auto-generated axis markers do silly stuff if the range they're given is too small. Tehy've been reported enough times that I'm pretty sure the official answer comes down to "it's the 3rd party library we're using's fault, we're not patching it for them". – Dan Is Fiddling By Firelight Mar 20 at 10:27

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