I encounter a few times now a case where I want to flag a question to redirect it to another SE site, but the choices proposed at the end of the off-topic flagging process is too small.

For example, when a question were asked in Portuguese, I cannot flag it as off-topic telling that this question belong to the Portuguese SO. I think I misunderstand something in the off-topic flagging process.

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    There isn't room in the flag dialogue for every possible migration target, even if that were desirable. Just use an appropriate close reason, and if you think it would be a good question on another site leave a comment suggesting they re-ask it there (but in my experience, 99% of off-topic questions would be crap even on the appropriate site anyway). – John Montgomery Mar 17 at 17:22
  • Yes thanks I read the answer one the question mine duplicate ! – Dorian Turba Mar 17 at 17:58

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