I just was review banned for triage/25610408, and I would like to appeal. While the question itself is very long and could use some trimming I don't think that is enough to close it as "Needs more focus." In particular, despite posting the entire problem that the user was given, the user mentions the very specific part of the problem that they were having difficulty with:

I wrote all the code and only this part at point F I'm stuck at. I know that I have two attributes price per hour, and number of hours which the user need to input and I wrote the function to calculate price but it seems I didn't do something right. The code is too long to put it here and I copied only the part that I'm having problems with it.

This seems sufficient to me to help others pinpoint the precise issue with the code. Could the user provide more information? Sure, but that doesn't make it impossible to answer. There are plenty of questions that lack some detail that are stilled answered and not closed. This question is borderline-enough that a review ban for it seems unjustified. (I would also like to point out that another moderator had looked at the post before I reviewed it. While they were there to revert the asker's self-vandalism, I feel they could have gone ahead and closed it if it was abundantly clear it was fit to close, which again, I argue is not the case.)

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    They've given a huge chunk of their code and basically asked us to implement: "The user must specify the number of hours. Calculate the price the person renting the canoe will pay, the calculation will be based on price and the hours the person wants to rent the canoe.". How is that not too broad? Maybe they could provide us less information, the information specifically needed to solve the problem perhaps. – Nick Mar 16 at 0:38
  • The thing is, they provided their code as well. They weren't asking people to implement it from scratch, Origiinally they only provided the code related to that feature, but later, they also posted their code for the main function. – Isaiah Mar 16 at 0:40
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    They gave far too much code, there is no way that we need all of that code to solve the problem, there is so much noise and information that is irrelevant to to actual question being asked, like the other requirements, the rest of the code. They need to narrow down on what the actual problem is and provide the minimum code necessary to reproduce the problem – Nick Mar 16 at 0:41
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    Sam's simple rule of Triage: (1) Can this question be closed??? (2) If not, can it still be closed? (3) Skip. – Samuel Liew Mar 16 at 0:53
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    Review ban lifted since you are one of the 0.2% who are willing to come discuss it. – Samuel Liew Mar 16 at 0:55
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    @SamuelLiew That's fair. I will be sure to utilize skip more often on questions that I'm unsure of/not 100% definite about. – Isaiah Mar 16 at 0:56
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    Wait what? I wouldn't have lifted the ban. OP chose "looks ok", although he know there is too much stuff posted there and although it is obvious that neither the task description is properly formatted as a quote nor the code is is free from formatting issues. We could argue if "requires editing" is suitable or not, but "looks ok"? – Tom Mar 16 at 8:51
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    The primary purpose of the bans is to educate users on mistakes that they’ve made while reviewing and improve their reviewing skills so they don’t make those same mistakes in the future. Regardless of how blatantly wrong the decision was, if the reviewer now understands that the decision was wrong and what they should have done instead, then lifting the ban is entirely reasonable. @Tom – Cody Gray Mar 16 at 20:28

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