I had a popular question regarding Elasticsearch Use Cases get closed as being opinion based, which I agreed with. However, I noticed that with the amount of traffic it received, the basic question would help people I think. So, I edited the question and then voted to re-open it, but wanted to add an explanation along with why I felt it should be re-opened now.

Do I just add an explanation comment for this or is there a better venue to express the explanation for something like this?

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    If it isn't obvious from the question that it is on-topic / answerable then the question should stay closed. No notice or comment should help that. If it is getting tons of views it might benefit from a historical lock but only if we keep fighting over its state and faith. Leave it closed. It still is opinion based / a polling question. – rene Mar 14 at 20:08
  • Okay, I will do that. – James Drinkard Mar 16 at 12:24

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