Yesterday, I was completing some Triage reviews and came across this review on Use Ionicons instead of jpg in React native. I honestly paid attention to all reviews because I had come out of a previous ban (which also puzzled me).

I do not honestly see how this post is uneditable. There is a comment from a user with 2,000+ reputation who edited the post and an answer which proves it is understandable.

I personally read it and understood it.

Could the user add a bit more clarity? Yes, like many other posts — but it was understandable.

I came back this morning to enjoy my usual new routine of reviews and I get a message that am banned for 7 days.

It turns out that all 3 reviewers took same decision as I did.

My question/appeal:

  1. Who takes the decision to ban us even if we took a good decision (I am assuming its automated)
  2. How do I appeal against this? because I want to continue reviews (I love it). and if this is how to do it, then please consider this as my appeal against my ban.
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    It's not automatic. A moderator review-suspended you manually, because you chose "requires editing" on a question that could only be fixed by the question author. That other users chose wrongly is not relevant. – yivi Mar 11 at 8:39
  • What if I could edit the question to clarify it? would that take my ban off? Cos honestly I do understand how frustrating wrong reviews can be and I do not want to hold records of ban reviews or frustrating processes. That is why I really need this lifted. – mw509 Mar 11 at 8:42
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    Just to clarify: you reviewed the first version of that question and not the one after two edits. – Tom Mar 11 at 9:21
  • @Tom yes! and after rightly reviewing it, Someone did edit it. before the OP as well edited it. – mw509 Mar 11 at 9:24
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    And the question still got closed after the user edit, so that isn't a strong argument for your case. You should first start appealing to the closing of the question. – Tom Mar 11 at 9:40

The Ban has been lifted.

So there is a chatroom found from this link https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/208985/bad-stack-overflow-reviews. where you could discuss your ban and hopefully get the resolution needed.

I wouldnt exactly say I was wrongly banned. It's more like between a rock and a hard place situation and am glad it has been resolved.

Problems around the Triage seems to be long existing and is being solved daily.

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