The tag description for is:

Use for questions about multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is a way to secure access to a resource by requiring a user to provide multiple pieces of evidence of identity. These pieces of evidence are called factors. Typically, a user will be required to provide a least two factors of the following types: knowledge (something the user knows); possession (something the user has), and inherence (something the user is).

The tag description for is:

An authentication system is responsible to tell if the user is who they claim to be. A multi-factor uses multiple factors to check that claim.

There are 62 questions tagged and 82 tagged , and 5 of those are tagged with both tags (so there 139 distinct questions).

There's little doubt in my mind that these refer to the same concept and should be synonyms. I think it would be better to make into the master (official) tag and have as a synonym for it. However, the description associated with is arguably better.

These tags are not included in the monster list of possible tag synonyms in A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow.

There's also a tag with 358 questions. Of those, there are 7 which are also tagged with , 4 which are also tagged with and there are 2 questions with all three tags. It has a moderately good tag description. It also cross-references the Security Stack Exchange [multi-factor] tag, which has over 500 questions.

I think that should also be synonymized with .

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I went through the 87 questions tagged , and two of them were about multifactorials. I replaced the tag from those two and added as a synonym for , that is:

(× 85) → (× 79)

I also found another tag, that had 147 questions, all of them which were about Multi Factor Authentication. Given that the tag, 1. didn't have an tag synonym 2. didn't have a descriptive name, I chose as the master. The synonym order is now:

(× 147) → (× 79)

I'll wait a few days and then merge the tags.

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    Thanks for the work checking for 'multifactorials' — and for synonymizing the tags. Aug 11, 2020 at 1:32

They should all be merged under one tag.


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