I have the DNA sequence of a virus and I want to ask for a software recommendation where I can convert the genome into a 3D model. But I don't know where to ask it. I asked it on Stack Overflow and it was flagged off-topic (which it was...) So, can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I need to ask questions like this, associated with biology?

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Biology questions can be asked on Biology Stack Exchange.

Bioinformations questions in particular can be asked on Bioinformatics Stack Exchange (although many bioinformatics questions are still on-topic for Biology).

However, neither of these sites are going to accept software recommendation questions. You might be able to ask on Software Recommendations, but you need to carefully follow their question quality guidelines.

In your case, Google might be a better tool than Stack Exchange. A quick Google search turns up this question on ResearchGate. I also find references to a tool called Graphite-MicroMégas, which is designed for creating 3D models of DNA and proteins.

  • Thanks a lot! For some reason, I couldn't find the biology stack exchange. But thanks again for the help :) Commented Mar 4, 2020 at 20:04

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