Why have formatted code colors changed within the past 2 days?

Here is an example with the old colors on the left, new on the right

enter image description here

(Taken from this question which was asked 2 days ago, and I happened to have a tab still open. I got the screenshot on the left, then refreshed, then got the screenshot on the right.)

Notably, the blue keyword color has become lighter. It has changed from blue to teal. Compare new AutConnMgr in the c# example. For me at least, it has become more difficult to distinguish a difference between keyword and class in c#. The VB.NET Dim x As New keywords are all also lighter. The string red color has also changed but to no detriment as far as I can tell.

Visual Studio has much more contrast. Compare this screenshot from Visual Studio with the new code above

C# in Visual Studio has better contrast too but doesn't follow SO formatting.

enter image description here

VB.NET too

enter image description here

Why was this changed?



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